28 Dec 2013

Cold as Ice

Outfit details:

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Maya, Mesh, Crystal pink, Fifty Linden Fridays
Boots: Ingenue: Volta, Cayenne, FLF
Skin: Al Vulo: Mimi, Dk blonde, brow, cleaveage, milk, The Dressing Room Fusion
Dress: Ricielli: Black Patent Leather, TDR
Eyes: Heaven's Gate: Eyes, Brown, Marketplace dollarbie 1L$
Hands and feet: Slink
Pose: Kirin: Azure 1

21 Dec 2013

Free2Luv event at Paradise Landing

There was a Free2luv.org Christmas event at Paradise Landing  20th Dec.2013. The turn out was great! We had pawsome tunes by Dj eagle and Dj Fullauto and our lovely host Anita did a really good job as well.

There were 15000 Lindens in the pot and several people won in the contest for best in Christmas.

At the end of the event some tinies turned up as a surprise to do some caroling for all the guests. Thank you so much everyone for a fun time!

Find out more about how to Support Free2Luv in SL on their Facebook page. Or join their inworld group.

(If you want to see more caroling tinies or wish to join in for the fun, go to Raglan Wootmas Village.)

(Posted by Pieni)

20 Dec 2013


Outfit details:

Dress: Teefy: Galina, Classic, Gift, Fifty Linden Fridays
Skin: Belleza: Holly, Fifty Linden Fridays
Hair: Tameless: Dori, Naturals, free on Marketplace
Flats: Boom: Venture, Pitch
Eyes: Heaven's Gate: Eyes, Lightblue, Marketplace dollarbie 1L$
Hands and feet: Slink

Companion: MishMish: Mini Snowbles, wear small or rezz big, Fifty Linden Fridays


Presents: Mudhoney: Mint and black, Fifty Linden Fridays
Art, pennants: Silentsparrow: Rudolph Framed Art, Decorative Pennants, free gift

Background: Barnesworth Anubis: Industrial Loft, Collabor88

14 Dec 2013


Have been up all night and went for a walk. Found a little friendly sloth, who wanted to join me. We seem to have formed a bit of a friendship. I am not so sure what the sheep thinks of sloths and blogger girls laying about, in the middle of his field. But I will worry about that in the morning. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Outfit details:

Catsuit: Sleeping Koala: Holly Catsuit, slink applier for feet, Xmas Gift 2013
Hair: Rosy Mood: Myosotis, Brown, free gift
Skin: AMD: Bebe, Peachy
Eyes: Heaven's Gate: Eyes, Lightblue, Marketplace dollarbie 1L$
Hands and feet: Slink

Companion: Theosophy: A Head Sloth, Fifty Linden Fridays, current


Cloud, fence and sheep: MishMish: Counting Sheep, Black (5 color packs), Collabor88

(Post by Alana)

10 Dec 2013

Happy Mood is a name that fits

Happy Mood is a gorgeous sim with a lot of wonderful products. I went completely bonkers wanting to get pictures of everything there. But you need to go over and look around, as there is plenty more to see.

They have a surprise gift by landing point in a chair, for christmas, and are participating in the POE6 hunt with another great gift.

(Post by Pieni)