29 Sep 2013

A Dramatic Pause

Retail therapy really worked today. Thought a red and black outfit would work for the autumn season.

Outfit details:

Eyes: Avi-Glam: Stargaze Eyes, black, MP gift 0L$
Shoes: Plausible Body Store: Classic Pumps (multipack - 12 colours, MP gift 0L$
Dress: Pure: Christine, red on black, current Sixty Linden Weekends
Jewellery: Swallow: Iside Silver, current TDR Fusion
Hair: LoQ: Orange Juice, black, Fat Pack, current TDR Fusion
Skin: Glam Affair, Lucy, Snow - 01, current TDR Fusion
Shape: Not available, custom by Jarvis Randt
Pose: oOo Studio: Rhonda, three

(Posted by Alana)

27 Sep 2013

Back on my blogging rounds

I have been blogging since I started in Second Life, year 2010. For the longest time, Fifty Linden Fridays provided a great source of material for my outfit posts and other themes.

Now that I am blogging again, it feels good to be back on my old "rounds" as I used to call them. I did go shopping even between blogs, but not as actively.

Fiften Linden Fridays has some really good designers in their midst and, even though I do not shop daily like many of my friends, these stores tend to inspire a purchase or two out of me, whether or not the actual sale item is what I wanted.

This here is a cool store that is completely new to me. I have not yet seen it featured on the list, but I must admit, I have not been completely loyal to the sales event, and can not be sure if it was in before or not. They don't all do the sale every week but switch the list of participants around, so it would be easy to miss a few spots.

I love the playfull quirky style of Seven Emporium, and their low landimpact mesh looks great. Not everything is very high lod, but this stuff is not meant for huge spaces in any case. I had so many ideas for decorating and gifts during my visit to the store. I recommend you take a peek.

Seven Emporium is part of the Fifty Linden Fridays round 27th September, 2013

I was so glad to see MishMish as part of the Fifty Linden Fridays. A couple years ago when I was getting to know Raglan Shire, I came by the store and fell in love with her tiny clothes. Now Pieni, our blogger fox, knows Aime Takaaki a little in person and has been following her work as well. Aime is so talented and her style is very cute. She is great with Blender, obviously.

When you land at the MishMish Mainstore, you first see the introductory upstairs level. To get to the store itself, you need to walk in the cave and fall under ground. The store design alone is worth seeing. Right now you can see her amazing chipmunks at the top level. If you have been to this current round of the Arcade gatcha event, you probably saw them. My friends and family have gone gaga over these cuties. Her Fifty Linden Fridays product is a cute set of flower pots with a hud to pick the decorations.

For more cute things, go to SilentSparrow. Their Fifty Linden Fridays item is this cuter than cute turtle plushie. They are also at the Arcade.

Here is the first outfit I made for this blog. Might be making the post a bit long. but I just could not wait.
Some of these items were found during the tour of Fifty Linden Fridays, so make sure you get them today.

Outfit details:

Skin: Belleza: Autumn Skin, current FLF
Necklace: Wildfire: Long chained Celtic Pentacle necklace (Valet V3.0h)
(This will be available in a few days. Two versions for price of one in the same pack. You can find info about the cool Valet system by clicking a sign at store.)
Jacket: Valentina E. Couture: Cadet Jacket, Kremlin
Pants: Plastik: Aeda Slacks, Cobalt, Skinnies, September gift
Hair: Laviere: Joana, black  (old FLF)
Shoes: Razor: Player Kicks (old AP power of 3 hunt item)
Undershirt: 1 Hundred: Hawt (old AP power of 3 hunt item)
Eyes: Amacci: Look, Pride (old Second Pride gift)
Shape: not available (custom and unique by Jarvis Randt)

Pose: oOo Studio:  Rhonda One

Location: Seven Emporium

(Posted by Alana)

25 Sep 2013

Pride in Second Pride

Second Pride has been through some turmoil during it's time in Second Life. But I decided to make a post about why Second Pride is a positive influence and the people working hard to make it all happen should feel proud of their accomplishments.

Because that is what Second Pride should be about: pride in the things we can do together and for each other. Pride in the fact that no matter what society might still say, or what we may hear in our daily lives, we have a place in this world and we belong. We can help charities and causes that are important to us and members of this community. We can have fun. We can contribute and have a safe environment to be ourselves. We can share our experiences, our hopes and dreams with people who understand what we are going through. Second Pride is all that and much more. Yes, it has had it's share of drama and heart ache and frustrations, but those should not cloud the importance of it.

There have been many memorable moments over the years, of course. This here is just an example of a weekend that for me was a very positive experience.

First on Saturday 21st of September, 2013, there was a charity event held at Spinners LGBT Community Center, benefiting the Free2Luv.org charity. Between noon and 6pm SL time, dj's Karl Kalcheck, Andy Long, Hotboy Lockjaw and "guest performers in high drag" made sure "Life is a cabaret: a night of drag" was fun for everyone who attended.

On Sunday 22nd September, 2013, there was a meeting of the Second Pride board, open for membership, and as you can see from the meeting minutes, it went smoothly. Afterwards people were treated to a tour of the new premises.

I have to say, that everything already looks very nice. The layout is sensible and will be benefitial to the many nonprofits that will be housed on the sim. There is a versatile and modern meeting space that charities can take full advantage of. They can also plan events in order to introduce themselves to the general public. I find the new plan more accessible to the public, which will bring more attention to each of the organizations. Hopefully it will also make it easier for them to collaborate. The conference hall is streamlined and efficient and I found it pleasant to attend a meeting there.

Jak Calcutt, appointed as the temporary building chair, before a new one can be elected, has done an amazing job. And I am not just saying that because he and a hard working Second Pride board member Karl Kalcheck have made me a very proud Second Life niece.

(Posted by Pieni)

23 Sep 2013

Free store spaces at USC Texture Tomb

This works well for a first post, as it has to do with a business in the family. I was bicycling around the Paradise Landing sim slapping boards and checking lucky chairs, when I noticed some really nice shop locations that are available for rent in the USC Texture Tomb at the moment.

I am always rethinking my shops, much to the entertainment of my Second Life family, and was obviously considering moving my shop to one of these. But best just stay where I am, as the landmark is already out there in countless places and a fox can not keep suffling things around forever. I decided however to post about these shops to show any interested texture store or building material store owners some options available.

Inside the Tomb products need to be either textures, sculpties, templates or mesh, with one word: building materials. Anyway, pop by and take a look, if you feel so inclined. You may contact Leather Aeon (sim manager) or Eagle Wilder (USC Texture Tomb owner) about the shop spaces.

This shop is right by the Second Chance Midnight Mania board and above the New item space and Bargain Bonanza! Sure to get attention. (TP here)

This shop is right over the main entrance. It also has a straight visual line from the top of the staircase and one of the walkways from the centre goes directly towards it. (TP here)
The third shop is right by the staircase, near the Bargain Bonanca, new item corner and sit and win. It is visible from the main entrance to the Tomb. (TP here)

 There is also a bigger shop available outside, near Timeless Textures. (TP here)

(Posted by Pieni)