23 Feb 2014

Kumiko you brave girl

The Singularity of Kumiko, at Immersiva by Bryn Oh, is true to her artistic style. Seems like her stories continue from one installation to another. The world is similar. The mood is the same. And many objects along the way take you to videos of her past works. Yet I always find it all refreshingly complex and detailed.

I went to see this installation with my dear friend, and SL uncle, Spencer. We did our own exploring but exchanged messages and shared our reactions. This was a good way to experience it, looking around by yourself but getting to comment on it.

At the beginning you need to set your windlight right to get most out of the exhibit. Just read the instructions and follow the step by step, and you will be fine. Though I think my graphics card did not agree with some of them.

Art loving fox ready to explore.

See if you can find this doll. I bought it, will have a gallery one of these days to display it in.

So as not to spoil your fun, I won't show you what I've done. But here you see me bravely peeking, at what you too shall be seeking. Answers to your questions, maybe the truth. More questions, yet, you might take with you.

22 Feb 2014

To breathe again

Outfit details:

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Emma, Mesh, Crystal violet, Fifty Linden Fridays
Skin: Essences: Harper, Lait, FLF
Eyes: Jalwa: Wisp, Spring Bud, Genre- The Fae Edition
Horns: MV: Underdark, Sylph, Genre
Crown: Junbug: Crown of the Tuatha, De Silver, Genre
Gown: SF: Aes Sidhe, Dark Indigo, Genre
Nails: Fishy Strawberry: Contrast, Slink nails Applier, The Dressing Room

Pose: Lalochezia Poses & Gallimaufry: Oops 2m, FLF

Location: Genre- The Fae Edition

16 Feb 2014

We are there

Outfit details:


Bracelet: Aitui: Hooked, Black Band, Fifty Linden Fridays
Skin: Belleza: Spring, Fifty Linden Fridays
Dress&Shoes: Nerdy Girl: Merida Rocakabilly Halter, Betty Pumps, Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt
Hair: ChiChickie: Catrin, Golden, Subscriber Gift Color
Eyes: InkHeart: Avalon 2, Blue Vain (thanks InkHeart!)
Hands: Slink
Pose: Bang:&Con: Less than three, Fifty Linden Fridays


Hair: Exile: Alone Together, Dark Browns, Mens Dept
Suspender Jeans: JesyDream: Wild, Black Simple, Grunge
Shoes: 22769: Casual Couture, Homme, Esspandrillos
Hoodie Jacket: GV: Urban, Red
Piercing: Twizted & Reckless: Loop, Jack or Jill hunt
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style: Jenius, Jack or Jill hunt
Eyes: ID: Starbright, Aqua, VIP Pack 11-17-2013
Skins: WoW: Josh Tan, Group gift


Wall Decor: Floorplan: Wall Clutter, Fifty Linden Fridays
Fan: Scarlet Creative: Someone to Love
Table&Chairs: The Domineaux Effect: Shabby, Catsup, gacha
Cat: MishMish: Fortune Cat

9 Feb 2014

A still life drawing of a peach

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo: Cara, Ice Fairy, (appliers included), The Dressing Room
Dress: LadyLuck: Peplum, Coral, Jack or Jill 3.0 hunt
Bracelet: SyS: Soho curb, Valentine, group gift
Shoes: SSW: Rockstar 03, hunt prize
Hair: Tableau Vivant, Ophelia, Fall, Collabor88
Eyes: InkHeart: Avalon, Wild, 9L$ (Thanks InkHeart!)

Pose: Label Motion: Charmy 4


Bunnies: MishMish: Bunny Valentines, Mingle, (Thanks Aime!)
Flower: Hanaya: Happy Valentine's Day, group gift
Chair: Pilot: Inflatable, Pizza Sauce, Fifty Linden Fridays

House: Trompe Loeil:  Sparrow Hill Lodge V1.1, mesh, Collabor 88

8 Feb 2014

The winds of change are everywhere

Outfit details:

Hair: Lamb: Long Snake Moan, Mesh, Bloods Pack, Collabor88
Shoes: Tulip: Buckled Wedge Sandals, Slink, Dual Gray, Fifty Linden Fridays
Coat: NYU: Poncho Cape Trench Coat, Red, FLF
Eyes: InkHeart: Avalon, Wild, 9L$ (Thanks InkHeart)
Pants: Snatch: When Autumn Leaves outfit, Eden Velvet, Brown-P (fishing gift)
Skin: Essences: Harper, Doux, The Dressing Room

Pose: Kirin: Rumi 6, Collabor 88

Location: Majilis Al Jinn, Sands of Time

5 Feb 2014

I held on as tightly as you held onto me

I got a house for myself and the family. Quite a good one too and for a very fair price. Collabor 88 is dangerous, I always leave with an empty wallet. But it is very much worth it.

Outfit details:

Outfit: SeVered GarDeN: Maidy, V.Day special price
Nails: Fishy Strawberry: Slink Applier, Contrast, The Dressing Room
Skin: YS&YS: Isabel, Diva, TDR
Eyes: InkHeart: Celestial, Hope
Hair: D!va: Averil, Citrine, Collabor88

Pose: Kirin: Rumi 7, Collabor 88
House: Trompe Loeil:  Sparrow Hill Lodge V1.1, mesh, Collabor 88