30 Nov 2013

Keeba and Maniacs at Tranquil

My paworite band in Second Life has for a while now been Keeba Tammas and her Tiny Maniacs. So much energy and friendly tiny attitude makes for a great show. Keeba sings really well and her songs fit many different venues and events. Today I got to be on stage with the band! This show at Tranquil Commons Sim on 30th November 2013 saw a numerous tiny band on stage: Snow, Chance, Pinky, Rockman, KC, Aminata, Akay and me Pie!

Keeba's Calendar
Keeba on Youtube 1, 2

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29 Nov 2013


Outfit details:

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Robin, Mesh, Crystal pink, Fifty Linden Fridays (today)
Shoes: Ingenue: Aren Flats (Slink Feet Add-On), Holly, Fifty Linden Fridays (today)
Lipstick: Tilly: Multi-Colored Basics, Free on MP
Earrings: Hi Calo: Ichigo, free
Hat: Nanan: BearHat, Grey, gacha 15L
Dress: Pure: Raena, Blue & Pink, group gift
Hands and feet: Slink
Skin: Al Vulo: Snowhite, Pout Milk, TDRF
Eyes: By Snow: Elven, Sky

Pose: MGS: Girl Stand, F-04

Location: Tranquil Haven Park

Lazy friday afternoon

Outfit details:

Eyes: By Snow: Elven, Sky
Shoes: Monso: My Fancy Flat Shoes, Round Cat, Blue, gacha
Skin: Al Vulo: Snowhite, Pout Milk, TDRF
Hair: LoQ: Cobbler, Black, TDRF
Top: 1mm: Yuruknit: Kawaiicook-san, Kawaii mini hunt, old
Bag: 1mm: Choco bag, 2012 vitter
Pants: Berries Inc.: Yoga Pants, Light blue, old FLF
Hands: Slink: Mesh Hands, Casual, Mesh Rigged, ice nails

Pose: Kirin: Gift 3

27 Nov 2013

Why have I been given the chance to fly

Outfit details:

Skin: Birdy: Damon: Toffee, Men's Dept
Pants: 22769 Homme: Illfitting Pants, black, Geeks N' Nerds 24thNov-8thDec.
22769: Casual Couture: Esspandrillos, black
Hat, pipe, men's and women's pose: HopScotch: Consulting Detective, Geeks N Nerds
Eyes: ID: Shades of Green, Mesh, Olive, VIP Pack 11-17-2013
Jacket, septum ring: Aitui Clothing Factory: Frontlines, TDTH hunt gift


Book & Binocular, Framed Art: Lark: Bird Nerd, freebie, Geeks N Nerds (I respect the great designer Sienia Trevellion for following the sharing rules of the pictures, which can be found here.)
Toy: Lemon Tea blog, store: Hootstachio Owl Plushie, large
Globe: Standby Inc.: Globe, Platinum, Geeks N Nerds
Vinyl player and cupboard: Standby Inc.: Retro Vinyl Set, Geeks N Nerds

26 Nov 2013

Gacha Madness

Our SL family has gone crazy for gacha machines lately. Couple of the uncles play some of them long enough to get every prize that is in. They even go to gacha flea markets where people sell old stuff they have won. But I can not mention such things without admitting, that I do play a gacha when I see one, it just is too fun not to do it.

Here is a dangerous post, for any gacha addict, showing the gacha machines I have seen lately. Some of the locations have more gacha machines than just the ones shown in the pictures.

I snapped a picture, saved it in a folder and wrote down SLurl's on a notecard. Of course as I have taken a couple pictures at the same store at times, now I forget which one was which. These are in order but not exactly number by number. Hope the pictures and links are of help anyway. Have fun!



[ glow ] Studio

Gacha festival

Mens only

Marketplace at Sugar Falls

Olive at Sugar Falls

[ S H O C K ] Factory


Kangaroo Fashions

::C'est la vie

FireBird Designs








Honey Soul

Chocolate Atelier


Geeks'n'Nerds Nov. 24th-Dec.8th
1, 2,

MayCreations Mainstore

Standby Inc.
What Next

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25 Nov 2013

Sashay! Raglan Shire Fashion Show

Raglan Shire fashion show was a huge hit again! I crashed once but tried to get every model and outfit featured, and the audience as well. I hope the pictures capture the mood for you. Tinies are so creative and fun! And I love how accepting everyone is. Sashay! Click the images for a closer look. You should also be able to view them as a slideshow once you click.

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